How Important is the Engine Cooling System Maintenance Check-Up?

The reason that it is so important that you are getting the cooling system inspected at the service center is because it takes a number of different parts to keep the engine operating at the right temperature.

The mechanic will first check all the belts and hoses of the cooling system. If the belts have wear or are slipping, they need to be replaced. If hose clamps are corroded and failing, they could allow coolant to leak.

The radiator is where the coolant goes to cool down, so this part and the fan will be checked for any issues. The radiator cap must be the right pressure for the radiator to work effectively.

The water pump has bearings inside that often fail and cause leaks. If the pump is not working, coolant is not being moved throughout the system and the engine will overheat.

We have a crew ready at Jenkins Nissan to give your cooling system a complete inspection.
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