Plan Ahead And Make Sure That Your 4WD Is Working As It Should

Have you ever been stuck in the mud or woke to a city covered in snow that you had to travel through? In times such as these, it is a benefit to have either an AWD or 4WD vehicle to get you from point A to point B. With that in mind, it is equally important to make sure that your 4WD mode is functioning as it should ahead of time.

The transfer case on a vehicle is the special gearbox that transitions the vehicle from the normal mode to 4WD. In 4WD vehicles, it transfers power between the front and rear axle. In AWD, the power distribution is from one axle to the other. This process can be hard on the lubricant that cools and protects the gears causing it to break down over time.

Keeping your vehicle's 4WD mode working requires routine maintenance. If you would like to schedule service or have your vehicle checked, then come pay us a visit at Jenkins Nissan in Lakeland.
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