How to Detect a Leaky Exhaust System

A vehicle's exhaust system protects you and your passengers from the dangerous gasses emitted from the engine while running. If the system is not performing correctly, you or your passengers could be at risk of being exposed to potentially fatal fumes. Take your vehicle to a service center immediately if you become aware of any of the following signs of a leaky exhaust system.
  • Noticing a new vibration when touching the steering wheel or a sudden loss of power.
  • Stopping more often to fill up with gas.
  • New noise such as popping or hissing coming from the tailpipe.
Being aware of any of the above symptoms especially if your vehicle is over five years old can catch exhaust problems before they become costly. To have a complete inspection of your vehicle's exhaust system the trained service technicians at Jenkins Nissan in Lakeland, FL will be able to repair or correct any exhaust problems.  
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