Fall in Love with the New Nissan Maxima Interior

The Nissan Maxima is a popular option among vehicle owners preferring luxurious sports cars. The interiors of the newest models were designed for optimal comfort and style. Learn more about the amenities, features, and capabilities of the Maxima by visiting your nearby Lakeland, FL Jenkins Nissan. Schedule a test drive.

The sporty front bucket seats are specially designed to keep the driver and passenger in place. Nissan created the seats using zero-gravity technology. The added bolstering also enhances personal comfort to reduce discomfort on long road trips. The rear bench seat is equally comfortable. Front and rear vehicle occupants both enjoy atmospheric comfort thanks to the dual-climate control system. Vents in the front and the rear of the vehicle ensure that warmed or cooled air circulates effectively.

Triple-sealed doors and laminated windows reduce the amount of road noise heard. In this way, occupants are better able to enjoy the sounds created by the Bose stereo system.

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