Should You Buy Summer Tires?

If you're wondering whether you should switch to summer tires, also known as performance tires, you may want to consider a set, particularly if you plan to do a lot of driving on the highway. Here's how summer tires can benefit you.

Summer tires are meant to be used only during warmer months. They are manufactured to withstand higher temperatures, so they give drivers better traction under wet and dry road conditions. Summer tires have shallower tread, a solid rib, and an asymmetrical tread pattern. All of those characteristics play into the difference between summer and all-season tires.

A special tread compound help summer tires grip the road better while also maintaining their shape better in high temperatures. The shallower tread and solid rib also enhance handling, especially around corners and when braking and accelerating. Our service department will be glad to help you with summer tire selection.

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