A Quick Overview of What to Expect From Apple CarPlay

We at Jenkins Nissan love learning about vehicles and new car technologies. We know that we'll be able to pass down the information to you. One of the most exciting tech features in today's most popular models is Apple CarPlay.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Infotainment can sometimes look a little dated, making driving modern cars through Lakeland, FL a little underwhelming, but that has changed with Apple CarPlay and the following little perks:

  • The iPhone can be connected to your vehicle's system.
  • Messaging apps are automatically read to you.
  • Messaging apps allow you to dictate messages.
  • Distracting apps are removed like gaming apps
  • Apps can now be controlled by the digital components in your vehicle.

These are just some of the things you can expect from Apple CarPlay, but why not check it out yourself? You can play with the feature in many new models.

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