When we think of powering our vehicle, we often think of the battery as being the powerhouse, yet it’s actually the alternator that generates the energy required to keep the battery charged. The alternator will still function even if the battery is dead, but the battery will not hold a charge if the alternator is shot. Stop at Jenkins Nissan for your alternator battery and other automotive needs.

There are often indications that your vehicle’s alternator might be going bad and need replacing. When your headlights and dash lights begin to dim, that’s usually the first sign of bad alternator. If you have difficulty starting the vehicle, that’s another indication. A burning smell or grinding noise can also mean a bad alternator.

Don’t make the mistake made by so many other drivers by neglecting to replace your alternator until it’s too late and you’re stranded somewhere on the highway. When it’s time to service your vehicle, call us or come to our Lakeland, FL shop.

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