Poor handling, blowouts, and low fuel economy represent the varying degrees of troubles bad tires create. That's why drivers must be mindful of any problems with one or more tires. And those problems can develop all at once or slowly over time. If you smell burning rubber, your tire might have suffered a puncture and went flat. Vibrations could also indicate tire issues.

Make checking your tires a vital aspect of routine maintenance care. Look at the treads to see if they are too low. A penny test will easily let you know. And look at the tread wear patterns, as they can warn you, too.

Cracked sidewalls, bumps, and blisters are all red flags. Get the tires checked out and, if necessary, replaced. You don't want to take risks driving on worn-out tires.

The service crew at Jenkins Nissan helps with tire problems and other routine maintenance issues. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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