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2018 Nissan Rogue Lease: DealerRater

May 24, 2018

"Great experience !"

 - Colleen

We just leased a 2018 Rogue from this dealership (had never been here before). From the time we arrived to the time we left we were made to feel that we were important and that everyone was there to help us. We have leased from Nissan for many, many years with other dealerships, but this one, is tops in our book. Robin, Adrian, Jose', and Jerry were very efficient and made our experience a pleasure.

2018 Nissan Altima Purchase:DealerRater

May 23,2018

Great Experience"

 - denise

My husband & I appreciate all the help we recieved from Jenkins Nissan. We almost didnt make it to the dealership due to the weather and due to some negative issues with my credit. Thankfully, Jenkins Nissan was able to work with me & my credit & took the necessary time out to work with us while,making sure we were happy & confident with our choice. We had a really great experience there & have recommended family/friends to shop here. Thank you, again Jenkins Nissan and God bless all of the Jenkins Nissan employees.

2015 Nissan Murano Purchase "BEST AND MOST FAIR AROUND ON PRICING!"

June 26, 2015

My Sales experience started with Ted in the Internet Department.He was excellent with his knowledge of the Murano I wanted and the pricing as far the rebates and discounts I qualified for.Ted had introduced us to James a salesman that would take care of us.James was also Great and real easy going.The Dealerships Prices were the the best and most fair around.My wife and I drove over 1 hour to make this purchase and there was no pressure and the buying process went fast.Great Dealership!

 Mark Walsh

"REAL PRICING and smooth sales - BE PREPARED to drive home in a new Nissan!!!!"

June 12, 2015

I worked the initial details of a specific truck's availability and price with the Jenkins Nissan Internet Sales rep Mike Barnes via their website. Mike answered all of my questions including a very clear explanation of any qualifications for the fantastic discounts from MSRP they were showing on their website. I was expecting the typical games, but it actually was the price that they were offering right up front on the truck to anyone vs just those meeting certain specific criteria. 

I made an appointment to see and test drive the vehicles and worked with a member of their sales staff Daniel Harrington. Daniel was extremely polite, knowledgeable and made sure I had every opportunity and plenty of time to look over the colors that they had available on the lot and to make a decision on which one I wanted to look further into. During the test drive Daniel offered to show me to the Interstate so that I could have the opportunity to see how the vehicle drove at hwy speeds as well as the  local roads around the dealership which was nice as I was not a local to the area. 

During the follow up process of evaluating my trade in and getting a final price on the truck, everything was clearly explained and I felt absolutely zero pressure. Mostly because the initial price on the new truck that they offered was so discounted that you really feel that they can't come down any lower and still stay in business. The Finance and trade in transfer processes were completed quickly, clearly and when there were options that would be to your financial benefit regarding terms/rates etc. they were explained as to why one was preferable to the other for your benefit vs. theirs. 

The truck was fully detailed while I was doing this and then Daniel took all the time I needed to walk me through the major features and options on the truck even pairing my cell phone with the Bluetooth system before I left. At no time was I left sitting around waiting for them to do something or wondering what was taking so long. It all flowed smoothly from one step to the other but you never felt rushed or pressured as mentioned previously. 

Many people do not look forward to buying a new vehicle due to the stress and pressures involved at some places, which is sad. I can easily say that the entire sales process at Jenkins Nissan was so smooth that I would recommend to anyone either local or within the central Florida area to visit their website and then take the easy drive over there just directly off of I-4 near Lakeland - be prepared to drive a new vehicle home.

Joe S.

"Until we Bought from YOU!!!!"

June 3, 2015

Thank you Vince Maguire! We've never had a pleasant car buying experience.......UNTIL WE BOUGHT FROM YOU! Thank you for making it easy.  We will send you anyone we can find.

Jan R.

"First class sales associate and experience!!!!"

June 1, 2015

We came in Saturday and purchased a new Altima.  I want to share with you what a great experience it was.  James Bearden assisted us and he was first class sales associate.  You are fortunate to have him on your team.  Christopher in Finance was very knowledgeable and shared options with us that we had not considered.  He was thorough, efficient and very nice.  Mike Barnes greeted us when we arrived as he was the person we spoke with on the telephone.

I think this is the first time I have had an experience at a dealership that I would rank #12 (ON A SCALE OF 1-10 TEN BEING OUTSTANDING)!  We will be back in the future and I will also recommend Jenkins to my friends and coworkers.  I was so happy when I left, I felt like putting up a billboard on I-4, singing your praises!

Sharon S. and Charlie W.

"Highly Impressed!!!!"

June 1, 2015

I was highly impressed with the service I received from Ted Payne and Jimmy Malavasia. Jimmy was very thorough with all the answers to my questions, he was pleasant and patient to show me the Pathfinder as well as the Murano SV and then the SL.  We wanted a specific interior for the Murano and Jimmy got it for us!  What I liked most of the dealership policy was that I did not have to fight the price and I was never pressured by any sales person or finance person.  By the way, 0.9% apr was a great deal!  Going to Jenkins Nissan was truly one of the best decisions I could've made.  I truly had the best experience purchasing my vehicle.  I am happy, I will come back, and I will definitely refer my friends and family to this dealership. Rafael M.

"Great Service from Service!!!!"

May 20, 2015

I just wanted to drop a line or two regarding the professionalism of Chris Faulkner in your service department. Each time I've had my Altima in for service, Chris has treated me like I am his only customer, and makes me feel that any of my concerns are his concerns. 

Chris remembers me each time I've been in and takes time to explain answers to any question I may have, and ensures that my visit is quick and efficient. He seems to be a real good guy and Jenkins is lucky to have him on staff. Gary C.

       "Good work......and professionalism!"

         February 9, 2015

         Thank you Vince.  We were very pleased not only with your professionalism and good                 work in getting us to the dealership this past weekend, but also with Matt who really         helped us immensely when we were there.  Matt is a very good salesman and he was         both funny and professional, and was also very knowledgeable and personable - making         us comfortable enough to complete the purchase.  We felt we were in good hands with         the both of you.  Thanks again!   Joe S.

      "Rare to find quality!"
         February 7, 2015

         I was surprised actually and it showed in my voice when I called in to share results of              my first service visit. Dealing with Renette was great! Loved her, she was so easy         going  and professional!  Very hard to find these days ;-) Thanks for Jenkins Nissan's         service  quality - Renette is the best!   Greg S.      


        "Cheers on honesty!"

(Thanks Steve - Rita and Rashon)

July 14, 2013

I searched online from three hours south to find a car for my son living in Lakeland, so I checked all the local dealers for used and new cars. Once I narrowed my search to new cars, I found that I could secure a new car for the same amount as a used car with too many miles. Then I narrowed my search to the Jetta, the Camry, the Civic, and the Sentra. Once I narrowed even further, I determined that if what I was seeing on the Jenkins site was true, I couldn't pass up such a deal. I checked all the dealers in the Lakeland surrounding area including Tampa, Orlando, Lake Wales and one other. All the other prices were at least $3000 more than Jenkins Nissan. I spoke with Rita Garrison via email and she was very thorough and even showed me one for less than I was considering. My main issue was to include bluetooth capability because, after all, it was for a college student. I saved an additional $500 from her help and from her listening to my concerns. I have never negotiated a $6000 discount from MSRP when buying a new car even after hours of back and forth from the traditional fighting between the sales person running to the manager and playing the OLD game. This transaction was absolutely seamless and stress free. I knew from Rita's personal touch and demeanor that she is an honest, straight forward person who tells it like it is. If you are one who wishes to squeeze even further, go to another dealer and don't insult anyone's intelligence. You will never squeeze any dealer for more than $6000 and I am still surprised that there were not any surprises once I arrived at the dealership. Rita introduced us to a wonderful specialist, Rashon Clark, who directed us to the car choices and helped us with the decision making and explaining thoroughly about each car fitting our parameters. There were still no surprises, and Rashon is an absolute gem. He's one of those people you'd like to have as a close friend. Then, I figured I'd be hit with a high percentage rate for financing in order for Jenkins to recoup their losses from discounts. That didn't happen. I am pleased with 2.09%. Granted, my credit score helps. That's your issue if it is higher. Deal with your credit and you will reap the rewards of lower percentage rates for financing. My surprise, though, was not seeing a higher rate just to make up for their generosity in discounts. So, in short, I highly recommend purchasing from Jenkins Nissan and specifically Rita Garrison and/or Rashon Clark because they are wonderful to work with and the only surprise you will find is that everything they state online will be as it is when you walk into the showroom from start to finish. And, to top it off, when you go old school and fight with the manager with the back and forth, it will take you many grueling hours to complete and you will feel like you just got beat up. If you contact Rita, you will be in and out in a couple hours with a smile on your face and ready for your favorite activity, whatever that may be. Cheers!

Steve M.

"3 hour drive for a perfect and seamless sales experience"

I never thought I would purchase a vehicle over the internet, but in my search I found Rita at Jenkins Nissan. After some interaction over the net, I found the perfect vehicle for me, the Juke SL. After selecting the Juke, color, and all the things I wanted in a new vehicle, I drove from West Palm Beach, FL to Lakeland, FL (3 hours) and the sales transaction and experience was perfect and seamless.

I am learning day by day the new technology of my new vehicle with the help of Rita and look forward to every day of the fantastic experience of my Juke.

Ann Marie Pernai

West Palm Beach, FL

Ann Marie Pernai

"680 mile reach .....for the best price and service!"

Bought a 2010 Nissan Armada Platinum online from New Orleans. Ted Payne is the internet sales representative I had initial contact with.

He was very attentive and professional. He did what it took to make the sale and was truly interested in making the best deal he could for me. He took over 50 photos of the Armada and sent them to me and even took additional ones I asked for specifically. After sales terms were agreed upon I flew into Tampa and Ted picked me up at the airport (mind you on his day off). We drove back to the dealer where the car was being detailed again and being stored inside out of the elements.

He made sure the car was in tip top shape (even though I had a 680 mile drive back home). The Armada was better than expected. He even paid for the wireless headphones out of his own pocket for the DVD system. Transaction was seamless and I was out of there in less than an hour with all paperwork complete. Entire staff was great. Would buy a car again from them and will also recommend. Ted also made several follow up calls ensuring we liked OUR new Armada (bought a used 2010). Thanks Jenkins Nissan. And by the way I know I got a phenomenal deal on the Armada as they are priced lower than everyone (even private party in my case).

Mark and Jaime Sauer,New Orleans Customer


Came all the way out from Pinellas County because of Jenkins' large inventory and competitive prices; left with a fantastic deal on a brand new 2012 Altima 2.5 SLa deal that I could not have gotten in Pinellas or Hillsborough Counties. Jason Percy was my salesperson, and he was accommodating and helped me find the car/price combination that I was most happy with, which included generous Nissan rebates and financing offers. Never felt pressured to buy, or that a fast one was being pulled on me. Recommended, a pleasant experience overall.


"She DARED TO COMPARE Jenkins to others........"

2.27.2013 I recently purchased a Nissan Maxima at Jenkins Nissan. After visiting the other two Nissan dealerships in Clearwater, I feel blessed to have met Rita Garrison and Jimmy Malvasia at Jenkins. After several phone conversations, I knew that I had to meet Rita. Her approach was so different than that of the other dealerships I'd visited. I decided to take a drive from Pinellas county to Lakeland. I first met Rita, who was so kind and real. She introduced me to Jimmy Malvasia, who made me feel very comfortable. Jimmy never made me feel pressured as I had experienced at the other dealerships. He was very kind and sincere. I feel that Jimmy listened to me and my needs. I went in to take a look at a white Nissan Altima and ended up leaving with a Crimson Black Nissan Maxima....and I love it!. It took me several hours to decide on the perfect color. Jimmy had such patience with me. I also want to add that after researching the market and visiting other dealerships, Jenkins had the best price around. The other dealership in Clearwater told me that Jenkins couldn't sell me the Maxima at the price in which they had quoted me. I can honestly say that I walked out of Jenkins after purchasing my Maxima for exactly what Rita had quoted me on the phone. I can't say enough good things about Jenkins Nissan and the wonderful staff. There is no doubt, I'll purchase my next Maxima from Jenkins Nissan. Thanks Rita and Jimmy!

Belinda Blake.

".....SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! 10.22.12"

My wife and I started our search for our Nissan products over a week ago contacting three different locations. We visited the dealer in Brandon and was shown everything EXCEPT what we were looking for! And after about two hours, left without a deal and was very dissatisfied. I contacted two other locations Tampa and New Port Richey. It's been seven days and I still haven't heard anything from them. My wife didn't want to give up and said let's check with Jenkins Nissan this will be the last one we check she said........"We saved the best for last".

From the first contact with Rita we were treated with the respect we deserved she introduced us to Jason Percy and WOW. I am in the sales business and this is the best sales consultant I have ever seen PERIOD!!! He made us feel right at home, no pressure, worked with us all the way, gave us options others hadn't even thought of and after going beyond the call of duty...I think we left the dealer around 11:00 p.m. with not one but two vehicles at what we wanted as a payment.

We came back the next day to finish up the books and there was Jason? Eager to jump in and take care of us even after his part was done, he noticed the detailing wasn't up to "his" standards sent both of our cars to the back to be re-detailed again and made sure EVERY need was met before we left the building.

In closing I want to commend the work of all the staff at Jenkins Nissan from start to finish you have made my family very happy and have earned our business from now on and we our telling everyone we know YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Thank you all,

Ace & Joni Coffelt

Ace and Joni Coffelt

"My dream car and .....perfect salesman!"

I purchased my Dream Car Friday night with Mr. Payne, The car is exactly what I expected and wanted. 

Not to mention, I have a strong phobia to sales men, particular auto- salesmen, as my X is a RV salesman for 15+ years, and I just can't do the "normal salesman approach" I must say this experience was beyond wonderful! Between my sister and I - we have over 1500 friends and they all got to see a pic of my car and a comment about Mr. Payne.  I got my last Nissan at Chapel Hill and the one before that at  Brandon,  Well as long as Mr. Payne is there my next Nissan will be from Lakeland too!!!!  Thank you for having a mixture of salesmen.

He was perfect for me!

Bunny Ducar

Bunnie D.


Well Let me start of by say that the staff that my wife and I dealt with were among the best. First off we came in to this dealership from the start Mario took care of my wife and I completely. This man stayed at work past 9:00 PM to bring the price of a 2012 Altima (20th edition) down to a point to be honest I looked at my wife and said WTH (what the heck)? Over the next 3 days we looked around and and actually walked out of automall. We came back to talk to Jenkins and ran into Ms.Rita, and let me tell you if you want a awesome person to deal with, this woman right here is amazing. My wife and I have a very enjoyable time with her.(KID IN THE STREET!!) HAHA I do that randomly to my wife now. We ended up with a NEW car that was actually less than a used one 3 years older. Thank you Jenkins for all of your hard work.


"Second time customer"

This is my second vehicle from Jenkins Nissan. My salesman, Fred Knight was very helpful and knew exactly what I was looking for in a new vehicle. He made the purchasing process go very smoothly. Glen McGuire also made sure I was happy with my purchase. He made sure that the financing process went quickly and smoothly. I never felt pressured, which is common at other dealerships I have been to. I haven't really had much service done to my vehicles, as they have been new, but I have received $5.00 oil changes on both vehicles. This has been done in a timely manner and my vehicle is always very clean when I get it back. The service department has never tried to sell me something I did not need. I would highly recommend this dealership and these people to my friends and family.


"Recommend her to family and friends"

Recently purchased a new vehicle. I live 50 miles from the dealership. I can honestly say that Rita Garrison is the only reason I made the drive and purchase. She was by far the nicest, most genuine, helpful, honest car sales person I have ever known. I would happily do business with her again and would have no hesitation to recommend her to family and friends.


"Excellent....great.....definitely recommend!!!"

Our experience on purchasing our Rogue was very good. Most of the time when someone purchases a vehicle they spend too much time at the dealership but that was not the case with Michael Barnes. He was very time conscience and at this stage of life time is very important. The service was excellent. We would recommend Mike and Jenkins Nissan to our friends. Thank you for the GREAT service. Have a great day. Debbie A.

Debbie Armstrong

"A+ Salesmanship"

Mario Dorado was the salesman. I give him an A+ for product knowledge and salesmanship. I would recommend this Nissan Dealership and Mario to all my friends, matter of fact my friend went there and purchased a new Altima the next day. Thanks Mario!!!!!


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