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     Losing, breaking, or even having your car keys stolen can definitely ruin your day. Even worse, the cost of a new key is right around $300. There is no need to fret though! Nissan has always had the customer in mind, and this is no exception. With Nissan's Key/Remote Replacement Plan you can rest easy if anything were to happen to your key/remote. 

     With this plan:
  • Nissan will pay for your new key/remote, and any reprogramming required.
  • You're guaranteed a battery boost if your vehicle needs a quick charge. 
  • In the event that your vehicle stops running, you are entitled to a discounted rate on a vehicle rental.

That's Right! This plan is available for just $599. This includes the benefits listed above as well as several other great benefits.

Enjoy peace of mind with superior benefits and protection!